We are are a private, professional, international portfolio trading group, and a login is necessary to access our site.

We are NOT a training company or online trading academy.  We do not accept new members who are not Delta 123 expert traders and have a high net worth. We only accept new member through recommendation of current members and staff.

We recommend contacting DeltaTradingGroup.com for training and group trading opportunities. You can also contact SP500 Trading Group, as it is a group licensed to utilizes the Delta methodology as well.

Their number is 1 877-877-7746.


We have been contacted about serious recommendations for academies and trading groups and we are often asked about authorities in the industry. There are no authorities in the industry who legitimately review trading groups. If companies had the the knowledge to  review trading groups they would be trading and not wasting their time reviewing trading groups. Review companies are mostly fraudulent lead generation companies who use extortion and “pay for play”  tactics to disrupt the wonderful world of trading.

It is our opinion, the ONLY was to find a good trading academy is to visit one for a couple days and take note of the following facts:

  1. You should see live charting.
  2. The group should me moderated.
  3. The group should be open to allow you to chat with members and the moderator.
  4. The group will make no promises of performance. It is illegal to do so. It is also not good to share trading performance indicators, such as brokerage accounts, etc. People, such as fake review copiers and fraudsters, ask for the things illegally.
  5. They will not be showing your their private jet and Ferrari to entice you.

Good luck in your trading career.